Waves Crochet Pattern, Free Dishcloth Pattern


Crochet Pattern for Waves Dishcloth or Wash Cloth.  (Free Pattern). 
Finished Dimensions:  approx. 8" x 8" (20cm x 20cm)

DO NOT "ADD TO CART" -- Pattern directions are below!


Yarn1.3 oz., 60 yards, 100% cotton, Worsted weight 4-ply (or 10-ply for UK, NZ, AU)


Suggested brands:

· Lily Sugar 'n Cream

· Walmart Peaches & Creme

· Bernat Handicrafter DeLux


Hook: · U.S. - Size H/8

           · UK / Canada – Size 6

           · Metric - Size 5.0mm


Definitions / Abbreviations (US terms):

Ch or ch  =  chain                      
ch 1  =  chain 1

st  =  stitch
Sc or sc  =  single crochet

Dc or dc  =  double crochet




  1. After ch 1 and turn, do not skip a stitch when beginning a new row. The first stitch of a new row goes directly into previous stitch of the last row.

  2. Each row will have 27 stitches (or 2 less than the number you chained).

  3. To make a larger cloth, add additional chain stitches in odd-numbered allotments and repeat rows 3-6 until desired size.


Chain 29 (loosely)

Row 1: Sc in 3rd ch from hook. Dc in next ch. Continue alternating sc and dc across,

ending with sc in last ch. Ch 1 and turn. (There will be 27 stitches across.)


Row 2: Dc in last sc stitch from previous row. Sc in next st (dc from previous row).

Continue alternating dc and sc across, ending with dc in last st. Ch 1 and turn.


Row 3: Sc across, ch 1 and turn.

Row 4: Sc across, ch 1 and turn.

Row 5: Alternate sc and dc across, ending with sc in last st, ch 1 and turn.

Row 6: Alternate dc and sc across, ending with dc in last st, ch 1 and turn.

*Repeat rows 3 - 6 five (5) more times, but do not ch 1 on the final Row 6.



Cut yarn end to at least 6 inches [15cm] length and pull through last loop.
Using a crochet hook or tapestry needle, weave in the loose ends.


Rights Granted:

This is a free pattern.

This pattern may be copied and distributed, but it shall NOT be resold.

Thank you.


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Waves Crochet Pattern, free pattern