PICC Line Cover - Crochet Lemon Peel


PICC Line Cover - Crochet Lemon Peel Design - (Free pattern) - Designed by Aunt Susan specifically for Knots of Love

DO NOT "ADD TO CART" -- Pattern directions are below!

A PICC is a Peripherally Inserted Central Catheter used to supply chemotherapy drugs, other medicines, and fluids.  The cover provides a comfortable "hug" to the arm where the line is inserted and is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.


Hook:  H  (5.0 mm)
Yarn:  75 yards
  • Loops & Threads Soft and Shiny
  • Yarn Bee Soft Secret
  • or comparable yarn on KOL approved yarn list
Circumference:  approx. 9” unstretched
Length:  8”     Weight:  1.5 oz.
  • Length:  Chain more or less than noted in multiples of 2 making sure to account for 2 skipped chains at beginning and for 5 sts each for top and bottom ribbing.
  • Circumference:  Add or subtract 2 rows for each ½ inch.
  • BLO:   Back Loop Only
  • ch:   chain
  • dc:   double crochet
  • hdc:   half double crochet
  • sc:   single crochet          
  • sl st:   slip stitch                              
  • st(s):   stitch(es)        


  •   BLO used only on first 5 and last 5 sts (ribbing).
  •   Lemon Peel pattern:    sc in dc & dc in sc of previous row.


Ch 32 loosely.

Row 1:  Hdc in 3rd ch from hook, hdc in next 4 ch, *sc in next ch, dc in next ch, repeat from * across until 5 ch left.  Hdc in last 5 ch;  ch 2, turn. (30)

Row 2:  Hdc (BLO) in first 5 sts, *sc in next st, dc in next st, repeat from * across until 5 sts left.  Hdc (BLO) in last 5 sts;  ch 2, turn. (30)

Repeat Row 2 until desired length / circumference.  (The PICC pictured was made with 28 rows.)  At end of last row, do not ch 2.  Do not fasten off.

Seam:  Ch 1.  Line up foundation chain row with last row and loosely sl st together.

Fasten off and weave in all ends.   Turn right side out.


Rights Granted:

This is a free pattern.

This pattern may be copied and distributed, but it shall NOT be resold.

Thank you.


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