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DIY Baby Shower Gifts - if you have some time: 1-2 months

Baby Shower Gifts You Can Make If You've Got 1-2 Months

Lucky You!  You have some time to handmake a keepsake for your loved one's baby.  Here is a collection of baby items that are a little bit more involved but will also allow you to add some extra love as you knit or crochet your special handmade gift.  Your handmade gift will be the star of the baby shower!

DIY Baby Shower Gifts - if you only have 2 weeks!

TIMELINE:  Only 2 Weeks Until The Baby Shower!

Somehow time has slipped by, and you suddenly realize you haven't yet chosen the perfect baby shower gift.  You can still pick up a nice purchased gift, but you and I always like to give something specially handmade, too.  Have no fear, I've got you covered.

4TH OF JULY: Celebrate "Handmade in the USA!"

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