Etsy - How to Mark as Shipped & Add Tracking Number

Friday, March 30, 2018


ETSY:  How to Mark as Shipped & Add Tracking Number?

With Etsy's latest changes to the Orders & Shipping page on March 12, 2018, it is difficult for shop owners to find where to mark an item as shipped and add a tracking number.  Of course, if you use Etsy's shipping labels, it is marked automatically, but if not . . .

Here's how to mark an item as shipped / dispatched and add a tracking number:

1.  Go to Shop Manager and click Orders & Shipping.

2.  From the New orders tab, locate the order to be marked as shipped / dispatched.

3.  Click the icon that looks like a circle with check mark inside as pointed out below.  Hovering over the icon with your mouse, it might say "Update progress" or it might say "Mark as Complete."  


4.  If you have the "Mark as complete" icon, it will take you directly to the shipping page.  (Skip to Step 5.)  If it says "Update progress," click the Mark complete button as seen below:

5.  A window will open to give you the option to add a tracking number, shipping provider, ship date and a Note to Buyer.

6.  Click "Mark order(s) complete."   Your order will be moved from New to Completed, and an Etsy email will be sent to your customer notifying them of the tracking number and that the order has been shipped.


Note to Buyer:  If you need to change this default message for the future or want to leave it blank, see this blog post:  How to Delete or Change Note to Buyer.

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Aunt Susan has had a successful Etsy shop for 6 years and regularly posts in the Etsy forums to assist with questions like this one. 

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Thank you, since etsy hasn't updated there site since they did this lol. I was afraid to hit complete because it sounded as if the order arrived and so forth. You made it easy for me.

Thank you for your feedback,

Thank you for your feedback, nicky!

It has been very useful in

It has been very useful in understanding how to set up an Etsy seller account and how to manage these accounts smoothly. The instructions that are shared on this website as individual articles on each matter was so helpful.

I would like to say thank you so much for Aunt Susan.

Thank you so much again for help a lot of people about mark as shipped on Etsy. ^_^ Have a good sale & have a wonderful day!

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