4TH OF JULY: Celebrate "Handmade in the USA!"

Handmade In The USA!                                                                                        Updated 6/7/2020

Let's celebrate America with some good ole handmade projects this year.  What's better than "Made in the USA"?  HANDMADE IN THE USA!  I've searched for some really cute and fun projects that you can make in plenty of time for the upcoming holiday.  How about a red, white & blue table runner for your outdoor party?  I've also found some patriotic coasters, baby clothing items, afghans, and beautiful home decor, all waiting for your creative hands!

Don't have time to make these yourself?  That's alright; Scroll down past the DIY ideas for another list of comparable items that are handmade by American artisans and ready to ship in time for your celebration. 


Let's Start With Items You Can Make Yourself:


DIY:  Knitting Pattern - American Flag Dishcloth (approx. 8" x 8") - Find this product here at Aunt Susan's Closet.


DIY:  Crochet Coaster Pattern - Find this product at hennasboutique on Etsy.  (Make these in red, white and blue yarn for the 4th of July)


DIY:  Crochet Pattern - Newborn 4th of July Hat and Leg Warmers Set - Find this product at CrochetToZ on Etsy.


DIY:  Crochet Pattern - 4th of July Baby Slippers - Find this product at Handmadepatternshop on Etsy.


DIY:  Crochet Pattern - Stars & Stripes Flag Hat - Find this product at TheHatandI on Etsy.


DIY:  Quilted No-Sew Bursting Star Wall Hanging (9inch), Complete Pattern Booklet - Find this product at genkalt on Etsy.


DIY:  Crochet Pattern - Patriotic Heart Potholder - Find this product at jeannield on Etsy.


DIY:  Crochet Pattern - Patriotic Wreath - Find this product at ChocolateDogStudio on Etsy.


DIY:  Sewing Pattern & Kit - July Flag - Find this product at sweetgirlstudio on Etsy.


DIY:  Crochet Pattern - American Patriotic Flag Baby Blanket or Throw - Find this product at HoneyBeeHive on Etsy.


DIY:  Crochet Pattern - American Flag Afghan - Find this product at BobbiesBliss on Etsy.



Purchase These "Handmade in the USA" Items From True Artisans:


American Flag 100% cotton dishcloth (approx. 8" x 8") - Find this product here at Aunt Susan's Closet.


Quilted Patriotic Table Centerpiece (16 ½” wide from point to point) - Find this product at TeriMadeIt on Etsy.


Quilted Patriotic 4th of July Flag Table Runner (15" x 48.5") - Find this product at TwistedThreadsQuilts on Etsy.


Patriotic Party Coasters - Find this product at ActiveArts on Etsy.


Patriotic Baby Flag Hat - Find this product at YarnForLittles on Etsy.


Baby Short Pants and Sailor Hat - Find this product at MissEmsCloset on Etsy.


American Flag Baby Sandals - Find this product at SassyProjex on Etsy.


Patriotic Set of 6pcs Handmade Felt Owls - Find this product at AsecInc on Etsy.


Patriotic 4th of July Applique Tea Towel - Find this product at RkyMtnCrafts on Etsy.


4th of July Wreath - Find this product at GlitterGlassAndSass on Etsy.


July 4th Pixie Angel - Find this product at Yarnfrenzier on Etsy.


American Flag Crocheted Afghan - Find this product at BrennansBlankets on Etsy.


HAND CROCHETED Patriotic Afghan Throw - Find this product at mycraftycorner on Etsy.


Red, White, Blue Stadium Blanket - Find this product at AMFavorites on Etsy.


Happy Birthday America!

Wishing everyone a safe and fun-filled holiday.



"Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal."

Abraham Lincoln, 16th American President, 1863


Disclaimer:  While I would love to be profiting from my writings here, unfortunately I am not affiliated with any of these shop owners and will receive no compensation for featuring their items.  The only affiliation I have with Etsy is as an account holder, and likewise will receive no compensation whatsoever for mentioning their company. 

I sure hope these shops will provide you with great service, and their record appears stellar, but I personally cannot guarantee that they will perform their duties to your complete satisfaction.  You must deal with them yourselves, but you're smart and know how to handle it.


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baby slippers

I like the flag baby slippers

I really loved each of these

I really loved each of these designs and handmade products. These are all very neat designs and that itself is the highlight of it. I do have this love for crochets and these designs can be said to be the best available.

I think you made some good

I think you made some good DIY ideas for the event. Can you costumize patriotic set and make it gacha character ? I want to send gift for my newphew. Let me know if you can do that and how much. Thanks

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